The Story So Far...

It was an excellent idea to hang at the Escape Cafe earlier this evening. You were pleased with how pleasant the evening was. You and your friends laugh when the news comes on to give yet another update on the Collector, a possible serial killer in the area.

Ignoring the warning that a curfew may be enacted, you finish your final sip of your drink and get ready to head out to enjoy the night. You almost didn't mind the woozy feeling that made your arms feel heavy or the yawn that made you feel like you could just lay down and take a nap right there at the table...


You don't feel so at ease when you wake up, not at a cafe table any longer, but on the cold, hard floor of a dark basement. You realize that your friends are with you, but so are the heavy footsteps of the Collector above!


Solve the Collector's puzzles and dial for help before he adds you to his collection of victims!

Players: 1-8

Time: 60 Minutes

Escape Rate: 41%