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The Story So Far...

Will you ever see your dragon eggs again?


Not so long ago, but in a very far off land, a team of hearty adventurers celebrated a good day’s plunder at a tavern. Luck was good for the party this day, as they came across a treasure that is rare and elusive, Dragon Eggs!


But trouble comes afoot as a high wizard overhears the heroes boast  of their spoils. In a jealous fit, he steals the eggs from the adventurers and locks them away in the highest room in his tower. Then, to ensure he, too, does not get robbed by gluttonous rogues, he cast upon them 6 magical spells of protection.


When the bards sing of the tale one day, will they tell legend of brave adventurers seeking out new lands, discovering new people, and, most impressively, finding the dragon eggs...

...or will they speak of adventures who lost their eggs to the greedy sorcerer, hidden away among his puzzles and potions, never to be seen again? 

Players: 1-6

Time: 60 Minutes

Escape Rate: 36%