The Story So Far...

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Breaking News: Hostages taken at the Embassy!


You arrive at the Embassy ready for the big conference! A new experimental drug with a big-name laboratory's logo on it is being pushed as a huge medical breakthrough; scientists, government officials, and ambassadors from around the world have arrived to alternately support and oppose it.


Not a moment has gone by after your meeting has officially started than a group of people wearing masks enter the room and force you to put on blindfolds at gunpoint. You follow their demands, hear some rustling within the room...and then you are left alone? You take off your blindfold and are surprised to see everyone around you is safe and sound.


Well, excepting the bomb that is now in your presence. Apparently the extremist group, known as Faceless, is threatening the Embassy and they doesn't think a bunch of hostage ambassadors can disarm a bomb! Well, you'll show them! 


Solve the puzzles with the help of the local SWAT team and disarm the bomb, saving the Embassy - and yourselves!

Players: 2-8

Time: 60 Minutes

Escape Rate: 44%